Powerbar 2 Pull-up Bar


The Pull-up Bar is created out of steel, which makes it very robust and stable. The weldings seems also from good quality. It is loadable up to 120kg, so it is also suitable for heavy people . I personally weight 80kg and  I didn´t experience any instabilities. BUT after one year of regular usage, I found out that the two support arms  of the bar didn’t align anymore. That means when i hung on the bar it collapsed, because one support arm didn’t tilt on the door frame. I really don´t know if this was a product fault or wrong usage from my side, because i used it only for Pull-ups and Chin-ups and didn’t do any kipping movements . 

                                                   Ease of Use/Installation

Before buying such a Pull-up bar,  you should measure your door, because it is only usable when your door has the right proportions or it will probably not fit.  

Here are the measurements where the Pull-up bar will fit:

  • Maximum depth of the doorframe should be 17cm                                                                                                                
  • Width of the door should be between 68cm and 80cm.
  • The seating for the two support arms should be at least 1cm.

When your doorframe meet the require proportions, then you ready to go. The Installion of the Pull-up Bar is pretty easy. You don’t have to put anything together, its all pre-build. The only thing you have to do is to unfold it and put it in the doorframe.

                                            Advantages towards  doorway Pull-up Bars

Doorway Pull-up bar

At the end I want to list some advantages this kind of Pull-Up bar has over a „doorway“  Pull-up bar.

  • Feeling of security , especially when adding weight to your pull-up.
  • More variations in grip width
  • Tall persons don´t have to bend knees as much, because of a higher bar —> better body centre of gravity


Overall I can recommend this kind of Pull-up Bar. The only negative point I mention above will be not valid for every person. It was only a observation I make after 1 year of regular usage.  Nonetheless I really liked it, because it offers some significant advantages of  other „doorframe“ Pull-up Bars. 

This was more or less a review about the Powerbar 2, which realised in 2015.  Now we have 2018 and the result is that not many shops will offer the bar anymore. Fortunately there are many good alternative brands on the market, who still offer the same kind of Pull-Up Bar. 

Powerbar 2

35.00 Euros