Logitech M590


The design of the mouse is not the most exciting one, but not bad at all. I honestly  have to say that I really like the plain design. The mouse is available in 4 different colours. I personally own the grey version.  

Ergonomic wise, the mouse feels a bit too small in my hand, though I do have relatively  big hands. Nonetheless it still have a good usability also if you have bigger hands like me.

In addition to that, the mouse is very light. So it is very comfortable to navigate the cursor on the screen without much „strength“ needed.


The Logitech M590 can be used with Apple or Window PC´s. The Mouse connects via Bluetooth or the provided Unifyer Dongle. With Easy-Switch its possible to quickly change between two different Devices by clicking the Button under the scroll wheel.

One of the main selling point of the Mouse is the „silentness“. I undoubtedly have to say that the Mouse is indeed very silent. The typical „Click“ Sound is much quieter than on a  normal Mouse  and also the Scroll Wheel is very silent. 

                                                  Battery life

The Battery life is very impressive. According to Logitech the one provided AA Battery should last for 24 month.

I cannot say  if the statement is true or not because I only own the Mouse for two months. The only thing I can say is that everything function perfectly until now.


Overall I have to say that I’am very satisfied with the mouse. The Bluetooth Connection works perfect, its light, very silent and has an impressive Battery life. The only downside I found is the size of the Mouse, especially for bigger hands, its a bit too small.

Logitech M590

35.00 Euros





Battery life





  • Very Silent
  • Battery life
  • Precision


  • A bit too small