Kettler Push-Up grips

Built Quality

The grips are built out of steel, however the two foots are plastic. Its possible to take off the plastic foots. Foam around the grips make the grips thicker and better to hold, especially when you have sweaty hands.  

Overall the built quality is not bad. That the foots are plastic and not steel is a matter of taste. The plastic foots are lighter and  make it easier to transport the grips. Stability wise I don´t experiences any problems with the plastic foots.


The main usage will be push-ups or shoulder presses. Therefore the grips are very good. The main problem with this grips is that on flat surface like laminat, they are slipping. Though on the foots of the grips is some kid of anti-slippery stuff attached, but its not strong enough to hold the grips in place. This can be a bit frustrating and nerve wrecking, because you have to bring them back into position after every 2 or 3 push- ups. So better use these grips on carpet or outdoors.


Advantages over normal push-ups on hands


Now I want to outline some advantages that grips have when performing push-ups.

  • Better range of motion, resulting in more muscle activation.
  • Better for your wrists, because your wrists are straight other than bended. That resulted in less stress for the wrists.



I think when you doing  push-ups or shoulder presses on a regular basis, then grips will definitely be a good completion for your training. You not only put less stress on your wrists but also have a better range of motion. 

If you only train 1 or 2 times a week,  than its probably not necessary to use push-up grips.

Unfortunately the Kettler grips, I reviewed were not longer available . Despite that many other brands on the market still offer the same kind of grips. 

Kettler Push-up grips