Hori Pokken Tournament Controller


I really like the Design of the new Hori Pokken Controller DX. The Black finish with the white signs look very cool. Unfortunately I recognized a few scratches on the glossy part of the Controller but which are luckily only noticeable when holding the Controller under direct light.

A negative thing I notice is the very bad smell. It smells really like „unhealthy“ chemicals. I thought it would go away after a while, but sadly that was not the case. I can still smell it after 1 Month of usage.



What I really love about this Gamepad is the feeling in the hand. Its really light compared to a PS4 or Xbox Controller and has a nice ergonomic Design especially when you have  bigger hands like me. 

The Buttons  and the D-Pad also feel really good. The pressure points are a bit harder than on a  PS4 Controller, but still very responsive and good playable.   

In my opinion the Hori Gamepad is a very puristic Controller which suits games like Pokemon(designed for) or SNES,NES games the most.



The Controller connects via USB to a wide range of systems. I personally tested it with a Raspberry 3B with no problems at all. The system detected the Controller automatically. I didn´t test it with other  systems, but I think it should also function with Window or Mac Pc´s. 



I can really recommend this Controller because it is relatively cheap but offer a good quality for the price. 

On the other hand you have to give up features like wireless, thumbs, rumble system and  only one type of shoulder triggers instead of two .

But if you play games who not needed this features, then it is one of the best Controller you can buy especially for this price. 


Hori Pokken Tournament Controller

21.00 Euros










  • D-Pad and Buttons
  • Ergonomic
  • Cheap


  • Bad smell
  • Not wireless