Dip-Bar Review/Advisory

This review will be a lot different to my other 2 fitness product reviews. Like I mentioned in my other two reviews,  not all products I reviewed are available anymore .  

Therefore I want to write more of an review/advisory for you of what to look out for when buying dip-bars and why dips are a great exercise.

This are my Lex Quinta Dip-Bars 

So why you should integrate dips into your routine?.

First of all dips are called the squat of the upper body. But why?

Dips engaged many muscle in the upper body with the main focus on the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. I personally alternate between dips and push-ups in my routine. But if I have to choose between these two excersices than I would probably pick dips. One reason for that is the  higher load, because when you do  push-ups you only lift like 60% of your bodyweight, which can be pretty fast to light. On the other hand, when doing dips, you use your whole body weight. In addition to that, dips also make it easier to add extra weight (dip belt) to your body. Adding weight to push ups is not very practicable and healthy. Nonetheless push-ups are also a great exersice for your body. Especially for building  body tension and of course a decent chest.

So my advise would be if  you are a beginner, you should start doing push-ups until you reach 3×12 reps. After you reach the propose reps, incorporate dips to your routine. 

One major critic point of doing dips is, that it is bad for your shoulders. Yes I agree to a certain degree. If you go below 90 degree, it can indeed be very bad for your shoulder. When I go below 90 degree I recognise some kind of uncomfortability in my shoulders. Thats why I personally dont go below 90 degree and you should too for your won safety.

          What dip-bar is right for you?

Now I want to list some important points when buying a dip-bar.

 First of all there are many different kinds of dip-bars. 

1. Dip-bar for the wall. Need to drill a hole!!! BUT cheaper than option 2 and 3

2. Free standing dip-bar ( two separate bars) which I have 

3. Free standing dip-bar but not adjustable( Pull-up tower with integrated dip bar or only dip-bar)

So if you live in a apartment for rent, a dip-bar for the wall won’t be a good option for you. Option 2 or 3 would be better in that case.

If you live in a house, you can choose from all 3 options and more of a preference thing. 

I personally have option 2, because you can adjust the width of the bars and its very portable and easy to store. Also they are suitable for calisthenic movements other than dips.

Now that I own free standing dip-bars I can certainly give you some advice of what you should look out for when buying this kind of bars.

I unfortunately cannot give you any proper feedback on the other two options because I don’t own them. 

 Things you have to consider when  buying free standing dip-bars.

The most important point is the height of the bars. I did the mistake and bought a pair which wasn’t high enough for my body height. The result is that my knees touching the ground whenever I go down. 

So if you over 1.80m , you should probably buy so called „high parallettes“ dip bars.

Another important point are the foots. They shouldn’t be too small and thin to guarantee enough stability. 


Overall dips are one of my favourite exercise. Everyone who wants a good looking upper body, should consider to integrate dips in their routine.

Lex Quinta Dip-Bar


Built Quality







  • Very Robust(Can also be used outdoor)
  • Stable( Don't wobbles)


  • height of the bars not enough for me