Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

                                                                         1.  Design

I personally really like the Design of these Headphones. They look really similar to  Apple AirPods with the difference that the Anker´s are In-Ears. The build quality also seems very good. I didn´t recognize any  flaws on the outer shell of the two Headphones or the charging box.


                                           2. Sound Quality

The sound is pretty nice for True-Wireless-Headphones. They overall  have a good bass and a decent middle and high frequency sound.

I unfortunately cannot compare them to other True-Wireless-Headphones. Its not as good as my wired counterparts, but still a good allrounder which suits every music genre pretty well.

Back to the Anker Headphones, I also recognize some not very noticeable  background noise. It doesn´t bother me very much, but for people who are very sensitive, it could be a bit disruptive. 


                                       3. Bluetooth Quality      

First of all the Headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 built-in and a Bluetooth range of 10m.    

I sadly have to say that the Bluetooth connection was not 100% satisfying all the time. When connected to a MacBook, I registrated many disruptions of the Bluetooth connection. I also noticed a few times that the left Headphone lost connection to the right Headphone.

ALL this problems only occurred when connected to a MacBook. I didn´t notice any problems when connected to a Smartphone(Android) or Tablet(Apple). 

Maybe this problem only occurs on my MacBook, because I also using other Bluetooth devices like Mouse and Keyboard. So there could be some kind of interference between devices.

Therefore I tested it with all bluetooth devices turned off, but unfortunately the problem still remained. 


                                                         4.Battery life

The Battery life is not bad for a True-Wireless-Headphone . On middle volume the Battery last  4 hours. On very  low volume even 5-6 hours.All together the Headphones can reach a Battery life of up to 20 hours when recharged with the included charging box. I think  compared to other True-Wireless Headphones this is not a bad result at all. 


Overall I think Anker did a OK job. Decent sound, decent built quality and good battery life.  
The retail price is 99 Euros. I my opinion  it´s a bit too expensive for what you get, because the sound is good but not mind-blowing and the Bluetooth is also good but not excellent(connection problems with PC) . 

99.00 Euros












  • Built quality
  • Battery
  • Design


  • Bluetooth
  • Price
  • Some background noise